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Iriver 120 problem with rolo



So I was installing rockbox on my old Iriver 120.  I had got to the part where it says :-

"Flashing with Rombox (ROM):

    Set "Show files" to "All".
    Through the Files entry in the Rockbox menu, navigate to the .rockbox directory, enter it and scroll down to rombox.iriver
    Place the cursor over rombox.iriver, long press joystick (navi), then select "open with",
    a new menu will open, select iriver_flash and execute it.
    If the requirements are met, a confirmation message is displayed,
    Press PLAY to confirm.
    Restore the boot sequence to your preference as per Bootloader configuration below "

Got to "place the cursor over rombox"

Unfortunately I did a short press not a long one and it went into reboot via Rolo.  Now it's just hanging on "Rolo Executing" and not doing anything.

so the long story short is HELP!   Not bricked it have I?  Not done a reset for fear of knackering it completely.

Any help gratefully received!

Nevermind, a hard reset and all was well (thank god, brown trousers there for a mo!).


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