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--- Quote from: goemon4 on May 30, 2006, 06:57:14 PM ---idk i heard it has great music playback though

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So does the standard iRiver firmware, but it doesn't have gapless or OTF-Playlisting capablities, which is a big reason to have Rockbox ported.

In any case, what would be wrong with a dual/triple-boot, as per the iPods ?

cause it wouldnt be needed...idk want me to ask on the forums??

well i did if you want to chec up on it go here

Hmm I am myself active in the gp32x community and own a gp2x. I think it would be pretty pointless as it would be easier to simply use linux and sdl to produce an effective audioplayer that does the things rockbox can do. Why should we overwrite the firmware if we can already achieve all the things rockbox features with the current firmware?

There's a difference between thinking of Rockbox as a replacement firmware and thinking of Rockbox as a piece of software, which I think was the thing the original poster was going for.

A firmware is just a piece of software which an embedded system is forced to run.  It's like an OS that's hard-wired into the system.  It is not intrinsic to the functionality of Rockbox that it must be a firmware, however.  It could just as easily function as an app which runs under another environment.  The only reason it doesn't, as far as I understand, is so that Rockbox doesn't have to deal with the existing system's overhead.

someone suggested making rockbox into an application so you can launch it and run rockbox, quit it then return to linux (the gp2x firmware) 

but others think its better to just mod the existing music player


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