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How difficult or easy would it be to port ROCKBOX for the GP2X?

For those who dont know the GP2X is the opensourced Linux powered handheld here :

Thanks :)

What would be the point?


--- Quote from: LinusN on May 17, 2006, 02:31:41 AM ---What would be the point?

--- End quote ---

HMM lets see.... maybe for the same reason people install rockbox on their ipods and archos players. no brainer chap.

My point is that this machine is already open source, and is a game machine. Rockbox is more targetted towards digital audio players.

Personally, I see value in porting Rockbox to virtually any platform (including GP2X, Nintendo DS, PSP, PS2 and Xbox) if for no other reason than to expose more people to it.  Among these systems, the GP2x would likely be the most appropriate, considering that, while it is a game system, it is also a multimedia player, and is marketed as such.

As for "already open source," what difference does that make?  Was part of the Rockbox charter to port only to closed platforms?  Is there some mandate stating that it's not a real Rockbox project unless it voids warantees?


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