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Jolt theme for X5

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--- Quote from: HWEB21 on May 20, 2006, 08:19:35 PM ---
just having trouble with the images, any comments?

--- End quote ---
They look blurry because you're using JPEGs. Use GIFs instead, they're much sharper when using low color (e.g. when it's not a photograph. Photo's have millions of colors so then JPEGs are the way to go.)
The first oen looks good because the contrast between colors is high. In the second pic the contrast is low so JPEG blurs 'em too much.

PNGs are even better but some browsers *cough*MSIE*cough* choke on them sometimes.

The link won't work. This looks like a cool theme and I'd like to try it out. :P

thx Mikc and Suicide guy for the comment.
hm the link seems to work for me but anyway im going to put a final update for it very soon and already starting on a new one much different but still cool.

I can't figure out how to get it to work for the life of me. Maybe once you finish the new version you could put it on a better uploader.

Well i did some major improvements but still not yet finish. But here is what i got.

oh ya the rectangle in the corner is the battery life. the darker it is the lower the battery is. when it is black then you need to recharge it.


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