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Fork of Rockbox main repo, with a few additions for the clip+ and feature requests from around the forum.
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I take NO liability for anything that happens using these builds.

* devrel-1

Current major changes:[/font]

* Commit f65fddacdbabead7b37e0578acc3b1ab5fa09bd3: The plugin boomshine's Total Score counter does not fit on the clip+, removed. Amended with [master d8d206d] This should only disable level points on targets with LCD_WIDTH lower than 64
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Work in progress! Check back later. :)
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--- Quote from: whiskers75 on December 31, 2012, 10:19:27 AM ---(Apologies for the litter of Travis commits, Travis is being very uncooperative) >:(

--- End quote ---

I don't know about this Travis thing, but having more descriptive commit messages than simply "Travis" would be really helpful for people to understand what you did. You could also squash those commits before pushing to github ...

Github needs a way to squash a ton of commits into one.


--- Quote from: whiskers75 on January 01, 2013, 12:27:32 PM ---Github needs a way to squash a ton of commits into one.

--- End quote ---

No, it doesn't.

That isn't GitHub's job. GitHub hosts what you put there, nothing more. If you want to squash several commits, do it before you push.


Another reply for a seperate issue...

I notice you doing some "weird sh*t (TM)" in your repo. Which is fine, it's your doesn't need to make any sense I guess.

One example, is your commit: "Boomshine total score doesnt work on a clip+"

The "fix" for this, is apparently, to disable total scores for *every* target...which seems a little odd to me since checking if the player is a "Clip" type is trivial (If it fails on Clip+, it'll fail on the others too {resolution, I'm guessing}). I'm also not entirely sure that disabling it altogether is the best option, it's your score...without this, playing the game doesn't seem particularly fun. The simpler option would be to simply alternate the level/total points on players where we know we can't display all this info at once.

There's more, but, it's your repo. I'm not going to say you should do X, Y or Z without knowing whether or not your care about breaking other targets for the sake of one or not.



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