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How can I remove "FM Radio" from the Menu on a H10 5GB Pure (no radio)

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Hello Everybody,

I am using Rockbox for quite a while and like it a lot.
Yesterday I installed RB version 3.12 on an iRiver H10 Pure. This model has no FM radio integrated. I was using the Rockbox Utility for installation. It worked well and the player is working well too with Rockbox.
There is only one issue so far: the RB main menu contains the "FM Radio" topic. And it can be selected and started. But there is no physical FM Radio on this player and therefore selecting and activating this menu entry creates some unpleasant noise.
I could not find any way to remove the "FM Radio" from the main menu of RB.
Is there a possibility to do so?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Anton

I think this should do it:

saratoga, thank you for the really quick reply.

I modified a config file accordingly. But it did not change anything in the main menu.

I attach the config file I was using. Maybe you (or somebody else) can find what's wrong with it.


You have a return right after "root menu order:", so you're basically telling it you want no root menu items which I don't think is allowed.

Hello saratoga,

I can't follow you.
I modified the config02.cfg with Notepad++
This Editor does not show me any return after "root menu order:", as you wrote.
See attached screenshot.

What editor die show you the return?
Or did I misunderstand you?

Maybe you can post or email me a "correct" cfg file?



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