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Stuck on Bootloader USB mode Sansa Clip +


My sansa clip + gets stuck at "Plug USB Cable" then "Bootloader USB mode". I can't get it to go back to original firmware, it gets stuck after loading up using power and left button. When it's switched on, it gives some kind of bad checksum error. HELP. This is really giving me headaches.

"Loading firmware
Length: 89C4C
Checksum: 3631C31
Model name: cli+
Loading rockbox.sansa
Sum: 3631C1D
Bad checksum"

then it goes
"Plug USB Cable"

and then
"Bootloader USB mode"

I tried booting Original firmware but it gets stuck at the Sandisk logo. Please help.

A checksum error with checksums only differing in the last one or two digits usually means you installed a build for the wrong player model

I'm having exactly the same issue!

My Sansa Clip+ goes to the 'Plug USB cord' screen. When I plug it into my Windows XP laptop, the Clip+'s screen changes to say 'Bootable USB mode', but it isn't recognized by RockboxUtility. After awhile the player changes to say *Panic* Mount: 0.
No matter what I do the RockboxUtility will not recognize that the player is plugged in, and I cannot see the player in My Computer.

Any ideas?


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