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mark tracks while recording?

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Is there a way to "mark tracks" while recording? For example, rather than having a long continuous recording session stored as one file (rec_001), I would like to be able to press something while recording so that at the moment of the press, that point forward is now stored as another file name (rec_002).

Thanks, couldn't find this feature in my searchings.


not yet, and it's a nice tip :)

feel free to put it in tracker as a feature request (all platforms, recording)

Here's a patch to do just that...

The new keys are:

Play/pause ---> Record/Pause
Record       ---> Record/new filename

seems to work very gaps... Please give it a test... :)

Only implemented for irivers at the mo....not sure about the buttons to use on other units but would be very easy to put in. Any suggestions?


I like this! I want it!
I can't compile myself, but when the freeze is over maybe...
I also think that play/pause is better (like in your patch) for starting/pausing the recording, but others might (?) consider it bad to change the use of the keys....

So who's gonna make me a (post recording) wav file splitter? :-)
I have to get really bored this summer to get into programming... :-/
Yeah I know. It's a shame.

I'll put it in my personal build soon...(look in the REP thread HERE for info about when I do)


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