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Colour themes are added to the patchtracker for every target.

Check them here: and download the whole pack here:

About the date tag: Yes date tags are supported in the CVS. However, I think that impementing this to the WPS will make it a bit overloaded and busy. I think that the basic info should be related to the playing track but anyway you can always change this for your preference. It's not a hard task to do. Here's all you need to know:

iCatcher & UniCatcher Updated:

- File re-arrengement/renaming to the new WPS building system

- Completed codec icons (added icons for aac, aiff, alac & shorten)

- Smoother pause animation

- Lessen bmp files for H100/iPodMini targets

- Lay out changes (Track title moved up some lines, progress bar moved down one line, genre information removed) IMO it's better this way - Text is not crowded anymore (eg. H300 target)

- An icon is placed next to battery % level so it's not confusing anymore - Sorry, couldn' live without it! :)

- Two colour options for CVS inclusion (White OR Default Rockbox Colours)


Hey Genre9mp3, I'm digging the look of this theme, especially with the updates you made...but I'm having some trouble getting the updated version to work on my iRiver H120. I used the iCatcher-White zip file (which is meant for greyscale targets, no?), placed the "iCatcher" folder of bitmaps in my player's wps folder, and proceeded to try both the "iCatcher.160x128x1" and "iCatcher.160x128x16" WPSs. The result: text comes up fine, but none of the bitmaps show up at all. :( If you have a moment, could you tutor me on which files and folders should be used for the H120 -- and how to make them display right?

Looks nice and consistant across all targets.

Personally, I would move the time & track number to above the progress bar, instead of the bitrate and codec icon. Then put the codec icon and bitrate in the upper right corner where the time & track number were.

Good job.

Really really nice. Especially the fact that it's so consistent across all targets.
Good job!  :)


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