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german language file


everytime when i try to use the german language file the display ist corrupted.
do u test the files if they "fit" to the display? or is there somewhere a mistake? of u or of me?

and my second question...
when i shut down my jukebox recorder 10 some pixels go off later than others (Sorry for my bad english) hope u understand me.
i didn't find anything related to this "problem".


Can you define "corrupted"? Which version of Rockbox is this?

As for the LCD, I don't think you should worry about it.

the strings doesn't fit into the display. maybe the String "sound properties" in german called "Klangeinstellungen" is to long for the display, so it uses the next line of the display, too.
In fact of that it looks "corrupted".
it is very hard to read the menues.
hope u understand me now.



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