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Jukebox for handicap peoples



i want to use the Jukebox Studio 10 for handicap- and old peoples. Is it possible to dissable some functions or buttons, to make the handling more simple ?
I want to put, for example, 30 songs on the player and the users can only press the play, stop and skip botton. Is there a way to realize something like this with the rockbox Firmeware?

Thanks for help,

Tobias Boner

It's certainly possible. You'll have to change the source code and compile it yourself, though.

or make the remote control, with a few, perhaps large, buttons.
but i can't really see why one should buy an mp3 player with 10 GB of storage space only to put 30 songs on it...

Zeekoe: I think this was discussed before: a kind of party mode, where you would make a playlist, with, for example, 30 songs (or more of course)... then at a party or something, you can have it plugged in and nobody can mess around with it, just skip/pause tracks. However, I don't think this is exactly what he wants.


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