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Release Date???

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hi, lolz
i just wanna know when u r going to release the firmware.... im desperate... xD
cya  8)

You know we can't give you a release date :)

If you want to stay up to date you might want to read the logs of our IRC conversations in #gigabeat on

Right now we are writing small programs to test how all the hardware works. We keep a little todo of that here:

When that is finished we can start writing all of the low-level driver and startup code for rockbox.

another thing... just asking... GB will be capable to play videos with ROCKbox firmware... ???


Rockbox doesn't play video. Gigabeat will only be able to do what Rockbox can do, while within Rockbox.

... but with a 300MHz ARM it might be possible. Mirak experimented a bit with xvid and mpeg2 playback (search the patch tracker). When rockbox runs on my Gigabeat I'll look into it.

If we can get more that 2.5 hours playback (as much as the Gigabeat S does) I will be very happy.


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