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philips hdd 120 mp3 player??


Are there any plans to place this great piece of firmware on philips mp3 players? I'm pretty desperate for a good solution for the most severly troubled original firmware, it sucks...

Rockbox itself rarely makes plans to be ported to a new player. Usually what happens is the owner of one of those players starts the effort. In *some* cases this is because one of the core developers has taken an interest in a new player for one reason or other, but in as many other cases, it's just a matter of someone starting work.

For more information on how you too can help start a Rockbox port, read here:

ok, thanks for the advice. But I'm pretty bad at programming (bad at maths...), and i was hoping somebody picked up this sword already.

Basically, all ports that have had *any* work on them done (including simply scanning hardware, etc) are visible here:


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