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New Question: Crossfade enabled but no crossfade on skip?


Alright, changing the first thread I started in this space (which I resolved myself since it was a mere oversight) to a new question, namely:

Is it possible, or perhaps being considered, to provide an option that disables crossfade on manual track skips?  Whenever I skip songs, I care not for the transition so much as just hearing the next song.  Thanks!

Entirely possible and very likely to happen. We're in a feature freeze at the moment, though, and new features aren't supposed to be added until Rockbox 3.0 is released (was expected May 1st, but it's probably going to be delayed to May 15 or so).

I'm going to bump and revive this old thread since the feature freeze is now over.  I actually now realize that this could go in Rockbox general so if it needs to be moved, by all means be my guest.

If I had any coding experience or knowledge I'd have a go at a patch or something, but unfortunately I don't.  In my humble opinion, it SEEMS like something that's relatively easy enough to implement, but what do I know?  In all honesty, not much lol

Anyways, hopefully this option could be implemented

I hear what you're saying, and I think it would be good to have that option in addition to a shuffle & track skip option (which has already been implemented with a patch).

I went ahead and put a feature request in for this, I figured it was appropriate.


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