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iMod +128gb Super Talent SSD - Read Failed (Image) error

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Hi everyone,

I had been running rockbox on my imod 5.5g and totally loving it.

I sent it out to get the hd replaced with a super talent 128gb zif ssd.

Now when I try to install Rockbox, after I disconnect the iMod, it shows the apple logo, then about 5-7 min later shows a bootloader error

Loading Rockbox.ipod
Read Failed (Image)

I've tried everything, using the Rockbox Utility, installing manually, Running the rockbox utility then copying over Rockbox.ipod manually. I've tried on 2 pcs, 1 with itunes and one without. Is there anything I can do to make this work? or is it not meant to be? Thanks so much in advance!

Any news here ?
I have the same problem.
 Super Talent SSD does work with regular IPod Video OS but I am getting the Read failed (Image) error
after installing rockbox .
In the same ipod a regular 240GB disk is working .
Any hints ?

My first advice would be to install rockbox again. The read failed (image) problem was often related to a unsuccessful installation. Or maybe there are some issues with the file system? I think the drive must be formatted in fat32. Maybe the cluster size has to be a special value? Just some thoughts.



Thanks for your reply.
But I tried to install rockbox several times, this doesn'nt help and I am not the only one with this problem as
a google search shows .
- I tried Apple ipod recovery, then install rockbox nothing
- then formatted the IPOD (disk mode) in windows  then install rockbox nothing
- after this format again Apple ipod recovery, install rockbox again , nothing
- I even used a tool to merge the two partitions showing after a Apple ipod recovery mode and
a rockbox installation to one (after the apple ipod recovery mode when I look at the parttition table there
are alway two partions from which the first is not used, very small, and has no file system) and this didnt help either .

Surprisingly the original Ipod OS is working and other disks even a 240Gb disk is working with rockbox in this device without any problems, but the 128gb SSD does not work with rockbox (seems to be a bootloader / partition problem ) .

Post Merge: November 21, 2012, 05:54:03 AMIs it possible to install rockbox without first do IPOD recovery under the original firmware ?
If this would be possible I could check different disk layouts (partiton= layouts) .
Or maybe is there another rockbox bootloader whcih can be tried ?

Post Merge: November 21, 2012, 06:14:55 AMI tried a CIF to CF adapter with a CF card in the same drive, worked without any problems with rockbox and original Apple OS, so only the SSD makes problems with rockbox (I only have zif ssd to test) .

Hi Greeny,

I am a noob, but if I may suggest the below methods. I have a gut feeling that it should work fine.
You will need a live linux CD like ubuntu and need to connect ipod through the usb data cable.
Or else you can use a zif to sata adapter and connect to your desktop and perform the steps on a windows machine.

When we try to restore via itunes, it does some weird stuff to ssd I guess.
Also, would suggest to put the version 1.2 of ipod 5.5g firmware not the latest one.

Please let us members know of the outcome.
I am eager to take ssd plunge.



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