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Battery life??


My mum has a jukebox 20, it does not have the easily accessible batteries like the machine my son has. It seems to be not charging properly, she's charging it over night and it's still only seeming to play one C.D. and then it's flat. I'm assuming it's the battery but haven't a clue where to get one or how to put it in??? Have e mailed Archos and they have been no use at all. I bought it from someone so there's no warranty or anything. Can anyone help??

You probably refer to a so called Recorder v2 (or possibly FM) and they have Li-Io batteries that aren't as easily replacable as the older v1 recorders that featured 4 NiMH batteries.

To replace the battery of a v2/FM, you need to find a place that sells replacements. Archos doesn't, I believe.

newmp3technology sells one for 30 USD (23 EUR) :


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