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Hello, All,

In addition to the strange backlight behavior I experience stability issues with Rockbox. I've started using the unit for its main purpose, listening to music on my motorbike. I then carry the unit in a pocket of my jacket.

However, I experience frequent crashes. The Display still shows the "playing"-screen, but the unit is dead and all I can do is power off and on again. Once I even received something that looked like debug info.

Funny enough, rockbox performs fine when sitting on my desk and the original firmware is motorbike-proof, no crashes there. So I rather doubt that it's an hardware issue like loose battery connections or something like that.

I even raised the anti-shock-buffer to the maximum of 7s, but that did not help either.

This has happened with the daily build as well as v2.2, both flashed by "playing" the ucl-file.

Ideas, anyone?


This is probably what we call the Red LED Death (RLD). The hard drive stops responding and Rockbox can't deal with it. We have tried to solve this in software, but have so far not been able to solve it completely. The original firmware is somewhat more tolerant, but it can crash as well.

My guess is that you have a Hitachi DK23DA or DK23CA disk in your Jukebox. That model is very sensitive to shock. Upgrading to another model will probably solve your problems.

This "strange backlight behaviour", what exactly is it? Is it dimming the backlight slowly? This is most likely a hardware problem. I haven't found a solution for it, and neither has Archos, since the original firmware has the same issue.


--- Quote from: LinusN on October 11, 2004, 01:57:01 AM ---This "strange backlight behaviour", what exactly is it? Is it dimming the backlight slowly?

--- End quote ---
Umm, no. See my other thread. The backlight stays on during charge mode. When the unit is running with the power plugged in, the backlight dims after the set period. However, I am not completely sure that this is a firmware issue, as the backlight also stays on when I plug the power with F1 pressed (therefore going into the archos charge-mode).

Yes, the drive is a hitachi, I'd need to check which model exactly, though. I will need to check if the red LED is on when it happens next time. Funny, though, that the original firmware seems to have no problems with that, at least I have not experienced them. Speaking of functionality, it is no match against rockbox :-)


OK. The dimming is a hardware problem, the backlight being on is a "feature" in Rockbox charging screen. Like Jens said in the other thread, just start Rockbox by holding ON, and the backlight will stay off.

As for the Archos firmware being more tolerant to RLD, yes, it looks like it. I have seen RLD with their firmware too, but it seems to be less often. I don't know why.


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