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Updated VirtualBox image for Rockbox development on Windows

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I've updated this image to include git and Ubuntu 11.10.  I've also added a text file with the command line needed to checkout the rockbox source onto a folder called "rockbox" on the desktop.  In addition, the image still contains x86 and arm compilers, as well as SDL.  This will allow you to compile rockbox for most devices, and the UI simulator without installing or configuring anything at all.  Just checkout the source from git, make a build folder, and run configure. 

By default the image is configured for 4 processors and to use 2GB of RAM.  You can easily adjust these though the Virtualbox windows GUI (its dead simple).  There is no limit.  I've used it on a 16 processor machine and it is quite fast.  Its also setup to automatically pass through audio from the virtual machine, so you can test playback in the sim if you like.  Additionally, the image also supports USB pass through (although you must install the corresponding guest additions included with your version of virtualbox to use these), so if you plug in your rockbox'ed player, you can go to the Device menu in Virtualbox and pass through the USB device to the linux image.  This lets you drag and drop directly to your player. 

By default the image uses an internal NAT for internet access.  This means you can access the internet without any configuration at all, but it does block SSH access to the vm.  If you want to remotely access the VM through your network over SSH or SMB for file sharing, you'll have to go into the VB GUI, choose networking, and then configure a port forwarding rule. 

If you have trouble, please let me know.  I'm interested in trying to make this easier for people to use.

I downloaded virtualbox for windows and the rockbox image and want to install it into usb drive. How can I accomplish that procedure?  Virtualbox requests for an iso file. Do i have to convert the .vdi file before copying it to the usb?

I'm not even sure what that means, but I don't think its possible.  What are you hoping to do exactly?

When I try to setup a virtualmachine with virtualbox, requests for an iso file. I choose the .vdi file but it cannot open it.

At least in my version of virtualbox, double clicking the .vbox image is enough to open it.  If thats not working, you can manually launch virtualbox, go to file -> Virtual Media Manager and drag+drop the disk image.


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