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Hey all. I've been with rockbox for years (I'm still using my archos rec thanx to rockbox). The awful support from technics reminded me how this movement was not supported by archos and how much better than the original firmware has rockbox always been.

So I thought I might ask (not really hoping for anything) if anyone of you owns one of this deck and has done anything regarding its firmware. Would anyone be interested in expanding the supported line into something more big and dj'ish. I know these devices are probably too complicated and too expensive for someone to temper with but I 've seen you guys do miracles. Afterall these play mp3s as well.

Some words about  sldz1200s. Don't get me wrong. These decks are really great! And they seem to be the best platform to try and make the ultimate cd - deck. They are robust like mk2s.  They have some minor drawbacks though that I beleive could be easily fixed with a better firmware (for example there is no cdtext althought there is track name for mp3.... stupid. The problem is that there is absolut no support from technics. Only 3 versions of firmware have been spotted and they are not officially available from any site. Firmware update is done using sd cards.

You can find more info in the forum: or by asking me

If there is the slightest interest I can upload the service manual which has schematics for the electronics and the latest firmware.

I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Thank you anyway.

While it would be interesting to have rockbox running on this unit I do not see it happening..

I can see it happening, assuming e-potis puts some effort into doing it. ;-)
All new ports basically require a lot of work from interested parties owning the device in question.

First of all thanks for answering

why do you think it can't happen?

Because of its price? Too complicated?

As i've mentioned I have all the schematics, pcb layouts, flowcharts etc.

here is a small part of them (main circuit). Might interest some engineers.


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