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Build for Clip+ with 2 improvements to the radio.

1) FS#12610 - Clip+ Ticking Noise Fixed in Radio.

2) FS#12616 - Clip+ Radio Keymap More Consistent
-Power Stop the radio and return to Main Menu. *(now behaves similarly to WPS)
-Home Leave the radio screen with the radio playing. *(now behaves similarly to WPS, bringing you to root menu, then back to Radio screen)
-Long Select Switch takes you to the radio menu.
-Submenu toggles between SCAN and PRESET mode. *(used to be of home key)

Here is the comparison with the WPS buttons:

ACTION                 WPS                                     RADIO
Volume Up /Down  -Volume up/down                 -Volume up/down
Left/Right              -Change track                     -Change station
Long Left/Right      -Rewind/Fast forward.          -Next station in SCAN mode.
Play                       -Toggle pause                     -Toggle mute
Long Play              -Pitch screen                       -N/A
Power                   -Stop playback                    -Stop Radio (goes to main menu)
Select                    -File Browser/Database        -Radio Presets
Long Select           -Enter WPS Context Menu    -Radio Menu
Home                     -Main Menu (still playing)     -Main Menu (still playing)
Long Home            -Switch to the Quick Screen -N/A
Home+Select Key   -Toggle hold                         -N/A
Submenu                -N/A                                   -Switch between SCAN and PRESET
Long Submenu       -Show current Playlist          -N/A

EDIT: Download now has the full .zip of the .rockbox folder needed, the correct patch file is attached.

EDIT: 6/16 Reposted the fullzip file

The diff you attach is against svn revision 30825, which is not even the last version in SVN, and we stopped using svn some time ago in favour of git, so either the patch is very old (and thus probably doesn't match the binary) or your binary is built from a very old version of the source.

Also, it looks from the filename like you've only uploaded the main rockbox binary, which means that anyone who wanted to use it would have to find the matching standard build to get plugins and codecs and so on, which is not a good way to distribute it, especially if you aren't specifying what build it's actually based on. You probably want to upload the zip instead.

Also also, you should provide a copy of the complete source you used, not just a diff, in order to comply with the license.

If its just standard code he got from our tracker, I think including the diff is fine.  Anyone would probably be more interested in the FS numbers rather then his diff anyway.

Ok I see I attached the wrong patch file, it should have been from current git build.  I will fix it after work.  I'll also put the entire fullzip for download.
Post Merge: April 24, 2012, 11:16:36 PMFixed!

The file is deleted, could you please modify current build and upload it? thank you very much.


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