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Klastor MP4 players - based on Samsung chips(?) - possible Rockbox candidates?

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Amazon sell these really cheap and cheerful players - a new V5 version has just been released and I have just taken delivery of a V4 one. I suspect this could be a very capable player but it's let down by really basic firmware.

Out of the box it plays MP3s and MP4s has an FM radio, 4 games, a voice recorder, and can record from the radio. There is a micro SD card slot on the v4  (but not the v5 as far as I can tell)

It lacks any search or playlists though making it a pain to use.

It's apparently based on a Samsung chip (not sure which one).

Windows detects the player as a generic USB drive.

The 'maker' Klastor has no web presence, least I cannot find one, even though the manual mentions that you can download firmware.

Does anyone know how much of a pain it would be to convert Rockbox to work on this? Is anyone familiar with the players/manufacture?

How would I get more info on this players guts? Are there interrogation apps available?

In hope.


<Edit 1 - 18 April 2012>

Thanks for the replies. Opening the case shows 2 main IC's and a bunch of discrete stuff. Main IC/Nand is marked
Sumsung 204


The data sheet for this states its a 32gb A die nand flash (unless of course it's not made by Samsung....)

The smaller is


This appears to be made by Actions, though I cannot find a data sheet for it at present. The actions website states that its a
'MP3, WMA, FM Radio, Voice Recording, SRS, Picture browse,AMV, AVI(MJPEG), LQFP64(7*7mm), 4wire-card, 24bit ECC flash'

Possibly not very helpful?

There is also a 10 pin IC(?) marked

The other side of the board contains the screen and buttons, but no other circuitry that I can see - unless its under ths screen in which case I don't think i'll be able to find it without destroying the device due to the wy the screen and main pscb are connected.

I have 3200dpi scan of the board, small version attached, if this would help with initial identification.


What VID:PID does this this player expose?

Various resellers erroneously describe rockchip based players as 'samsung chip'. In fact it *may* use samsung NAND chip (but usually it is not as there are cheaper vendors of nands).

Anyway the final proof is dismantle the player and see the markings on the main SoC.

Thanks for the help. Have amended the initial post with more information.

That mostly exclude it as potential rockbox target. There is no info about SoC used and for me it looks like DSP based design.


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