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jb rec 20 only playing 1/2 speed


Short version:  rockbox was running fine, playing fine.  Add some files to it, and the next time I try to use it, everything plays half speed.. including things that I KNEW played fine before.

Anyone seen this?  How do I fix?

And, get this, when I plug in the USB cable, the problem goes away.  (Note the USB cable is NOT ACTUALLY CONNECTED TO ANYTHING).

Can be repeated.  Frequently.

What the hell is this?  I did replace the battery recently; may be related to this?

And, additional playing around has revealed that it seems to be pressure or something that is "fixing" the problem temporarily.  I can hear momentarily fixed music when I press certain buttons or apply pressure to the usb cable.

Anyone seen this?

Open it up, look for broken solder joints, especially ground connections.

This problem may have been related to the battery upgrade procedure.  I noticed the battery was in there very tightly, and it may be possible that the rear door wasn't contacting the battery surface enough.

When I applied pressure to the top and bottom edges (battery door + across from it), the problem went away permanently.


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