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Step by step - How to port a new MP3 player?

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There might be something here??


--- Quote from: Daniel Stenberg on April 07, 2006, 01:33:03 AM ---Allow me to point out that we already know what CPU this Lyra player uses:

This is good because its a known ARM7 CPU core.

This is bad because we lack docs and I don't think there's any free compiler for the DSP parts...

--- End quote ---

How do you know that this player use this CPU?

And, by the way, I try to buy a defective RD2840 to open it and dig into it!!! I missed an auction on eBay a week ago! Damn me!

Do I need to know something aboutthe LCD to start working on a binary??? Does we only need the CPU model to start working on a port???

In case some are interested about a possible RCA/Lyra RD2825/RD2840 port!

I'm currently bidding on 2 defective RD28xx player. Once I will receive them, I'll test my electronic skill! Both units miss their battery and internal HDD, but I don't think these components are necessary to start working on the port.



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