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Hi everybody

To start, i want to tell you that i'm french so i m sorry for my bad english...
I think you do very good job on this forum
I saw the last firmware and log you did for the cowon A2

I know you already did some firmwares and others log for archos (Jukebox 5000, 6000, Studio, Recorder, FM Recorder, Recorder V2 and Ondio)

Me i have an archos av 530, and i m a member of this forum :

We want to know if you will be interest to develope some logs and firmware for Archos av500

Thanks for you work and continue like that

The firmware was done for the cowon iAudio X5. I don't believe a firmware has been done for the A2.

Also, if you're interested in starting a new port effort, this page may be helpful:

And here's some further reading to get you started:

Yeah i have an AV5100. I would love new firmware, but i am not a programmer. There is so much more potiental in the AV500 with ne firmware. I mean games, WordProcessor, PDF, TEXT viewer. theres tons of stuff we could do. is there anyone else interested?

i find rock box on the av series is a grat idea and a must to use all the potenzial of this fantastic player. i hope in the future i can use the rock box firmware on my av500

please write it soon

sorry for my f*** bad english i´m german :-)


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