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Uninstall Sansa Fuze+ Bootloader


Hi,everyone!  ;D

The Rockbox (v1.2.13) >Uninstallation>Remove the bootloader keeps showing

--- Quote ---Rockbox Utility can not uninstall the bootloader on this target. Try a normal firmware update to remove the bootloader.
--- End quote ---

What I did was.
 - Format fuze+
 - Download the firmware
 - Extract .sb file into fuze+ root directory
 - Restart

Then it shows

--- Quote ---Boot version: 1.0
arg=CAFEBABE addr=40000000
Loading firmware
File not found

--- End quote ---

Please help..

You have to actually boot into the Sandisk firmware, rockbox won't know what to do with the sandisk firmware update file.

How can I boot into the Sandisk firmware? Is this the hold the volume button and the power button?

I manage to boot into fuze+ (by holding volume and power button) but the problem is, it's not updating the original firmware.

I finally get it to work!

What I did.. (2nd time)
 - turn off fuze+
 - hold the volume down button, plug into computer (force MSC mode)
 - Download the firmware
 - Extract .sb file into fuze+ root directory
 - turn off fuze+
 - "Loading firmware File not found" shows up
 - press volume down button (to boot sansa firmware)
 - wait for the update to finish

Thanks to saratoga for the help! Greatly appreciate it!  :'(

hi was a lovely piece and helpful but i spent hours unsuccessfully doing it again and again until i realized that the firmware you manually install has to be the same or later version as your current one or it won't won't won't work!!!!!!!!


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