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Custom mpg2-converter?


is there a converter which allows to convert
avi  into Rockbox-mpeg II with settings
like this
video: fps 15, frame rate 750
audio: 22500 bps (mono, if possible)

I've tried WinFF, XMedia recode, and
Any Video Converter Ultimate.
they all let you lower the resolution
and have a batch mode either -
but  do not allow or disregard
special custom settings to create
smaller files for flash memory limited

suggestions welcome


WinFF does let you customize settings. That's how the Rockbox presets were originally created, by users simply customizing the settings and sharing them. If you learn how to use the program you'll find it offers the ability to customize the entirety of the ffmpeg command line used to encode the video.

"If you learn how to use the program..."  ::)

anyway I enclose a screen copy, maybe WinFF  has a bug
or a some MPEG 2 component which I cannot figure out
is missing, all codecs installed.

media information (bottom) taken from vlc player.
although audio been taken this time fps went up from the
original 24 to 30.
the original avi file is 180MB the new outcome has 136MB, can't get
a bitrate seems exceeded either because Media-info crashes with
a division by zero.

leaving the WinFF options blank (just using the IRiver preset), I'll
get a 56MB file but still with a 30 fps (see vlc info in the
rounded blue rectangle)


I can't even tell what you're asking now.

WinFF doesn't require installing codecs because it uses ffmpeg to handle the conversions, which contains everything anyway. And if a codec weren't included, for some reason, it wouldn't result in files having the wrong frame rate but rather files not being converted in the first place.

it's really confusing, its like a "multiplier"
is working in the background.

TMPGEnc quadrupled the 15 fps setting to a
final 60 making a 3x bigger file than the source
was  (see attach).

I'll clear all my system codecs, however
15fps seems to be a crucial point too.

thanx for trying to help


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