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Flash for the Players?

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Im willing to help test.

What exact Player model  & ROM version do you have? For checking the ROM version, go to Info->Debug->View HW Info. The ROM version is the very first info displayed. Furthermore I'd be interested in your archos firmware version, which is displayed at boot. This may be slightly different from the ROM version.


On boot it says 5.08. In HW info the ROM version is 5.06.

I too have a flashable player, it says: Flash: BF, D6 in the [HW Info] section.
It's an Archos Jukebox Studio 20. The firmware version displayed on boot is 5.08, the ROM version in the [HW Info] section is 5.06

I too would be willing to help, but I know very little about this sort of stuff. As long as I can't screw up anything and as long as I am able to reverse the damage (if there is any) I am certainly willing to participate! Being able to boot this baby up quicker would be very nice!

Look at the mailing list: The player flash package is available now :-)



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