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Flash for the Players?

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dwight_s, canvin:

I've updated the player flash package on my webspace (the place given in the wiki). It does now contain the required _norom firmware file for flashing romless Players.

Beware that this file couldn't be tested on a real box, because neither Jörg nor I have such a box available. While we tried to lower the risk as much as possible (each one building the _norom image independently, then comparing the file lead to identical files; Jörg also tested the image a bit on a CPU emulator), there is of course no warranty.

If either of you dares to flash his box, I'd be very interested in the results. Good luck!


My LCD just crapped out on me this week.  Otherwise I'd jump at the opportunity.  I'm going to take it apart tonight and see if one of the connector wires has come lose.  I'll let you know as soon as I get it working and will give the _norom a shot.

i'll try this firmware today, and i hope it works, because i don't want  disassembling the Archos. thank you. Canvin

yeah !!
it works about 6 seconds to launch player now !! good rockbox you want a copy of something ??like firmware.. the flashing lasts nearly 20 seconds and all seems ok...but i haven't  a resume support at power on, at he first time, now it works. Last thing, when i power on my archos, before flash i have to press on 'on" 4 seconds, now i just touch it and it switch on  :). Thank you for your works  ;D  ;D. Canvin.

P.S : sorry for my english, i'm french.

when i flash my archos, i suppose that when i plug it to electricity, my archos launch menu etc..  and indeed it switch on. I wondered  if there isn't a mni bios when it charges. ok good night now and great thanks again.   :)Canvin


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