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Flash for the Players?

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It has the information on how to Flash the Player (including warnings) and where to download the firmware.


Thanks, I flashed it and its running beautifully!  ;D Are there any other advantages to flashing besides faster load times?

I succesfully flashed my player aswell, one question though, after flashing can I delete: firmware_player.bin or is it still being used in some way? I also added: archos_player508.ucl seeing as I was not sure if I needed that thing on my archos, can I delete that also?


Imho, there are 3 main advantages of flashing rockbox on the players:

* Power on by simply tapping ON instead of holding it down for 3 seconds.
* Boot time roughly cut in half, depending on hard disk model.
* The ability to use RomBox, leaving more free RAM for buffering mp3s, therefore spinning the HD less often, which in turn saves energy and delivers slightly longer battery runtime.
Furthermore, it's for the fun of it, and there is no longer an archos message at startup ;-)


You can safely delete both files.

firmware_player.bin is the content that was programmed into your player's flash rom while first-time flashing via firmware_flash.rock. You will most likely never need this again (on this very box that is).

archos_player508.ucl is an image of the latest archos firmware for the players, only supplied for the rare case when you want to to start the archos firmware from flash by default, instead of rockbox, without completely reverting the flash process. You can always start the archos firmware alternatively by holding "-" while powering on. is recommended reading if you want to know more details.



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