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Flash for the Players?

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Will there ever be a firmware flash for the Player models?

I have a Studio 20 and would like to get some joy the Recorder people get when they flash theirs.  A quicker boot time would be nicccccce :)

I plan to work on this as soon as the major issues of the Ondio port are solved. The basic procedure of flashing is no problem, however, rockbox does not yet run on the Players when cold-started.

There is another problem: Afaik, the percentage of Players that have the right flash chip (which is in-circuit programmable) is rather small, unlike with the Recorder models. You can check this if you go to "Info->Debug (Keep out!)->View HW info" and then cycle through the entries with the + or - buttons until "Flash:....." is displayed on the second line. If there are hexadecimal numbers after it, your Player is flashable, if it reads "Flash:??,??, you're out of luck.
Unfortunately the Player I aquired to do the flash development is not flashable, so I'm required to solder in the right chip first.

I'd be interested in this if you ever get around to doing it. My Archos can be flashed.


Very interested in applying a flash version of rockbox to my Studio 20 as well. It has the right programmable chip (hex code, no ???).

Is there any way to improve the battery recharging/discharging cycling or reporting?

In the meantime, using 2.3 rockbox loader with Archos 5.08 firmware.  Thanks for your great work. Makes the player a joy to use.

It's actually already almost done, the only reason that it's not yet published is that I need tests with old players as I only have a new player myself.

There are some hardware differences that need to be accounted for (lcd, harddisk power control). The code is in, by not tested on old players, so if someone with an old player would flash and then rockbox doesn't work, it would need a involved procedure to recover the box. (For the technically interested: applying the uart boot mod and reflash it via minimon).

Specifically I need tester(s) with players that report an archos fw version < 4.50 on boot, and who are able to do the uart boot mod to load rockbox test version(s) from that. The test players do not necessarily be flashable, btw. I would do it myself, if I had access to an old player...

There is another quick test that needs to be done which doesn't require any mod, just rockbox loaded and then running a special test plugin to report a value. This should be done both on a 4.x player (< 4.50) and a 3.x player (most likely there is only 3.18). The latter is more important.



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