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Constant clicking problem (ipod 5g)

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As we discussed on IRC, I believe this to be related to our slow I2C implementation, and occurs when the battery status and/or realtime clock are updated (the battery is read at up-to 2.5hz and the clock at up-to 1hz).  Nothing is going to change with it until someone spends a lot of time analyzing the portalplayer's I2C control registers, or finds a datasheet for the damned thing.

So rockbox will never run as fast as it should with the current I2C implementation. Unless Portalplayer hands over datasheets

damn, it looks to be a lot of work to fix the problem.  I dearly hope someone is willing to go through the code or find the datasheet. 

Because of the background clicking problem, I have reverted to using the apple firmware w/ 1 giant, inefficient apple lossless file per album (due to lack of gapless playback). 

Needless to say, it sucks.

I pray someone will be able to fix this...

Going through the code won't help -- I've been through it... this involves either getting the datasheet, or disassembling the apple firmware, or painstakingly trying bit combinations to control the portalplayer i2c driver.

I for one can't detect the clicking no matter what volume I use on my shure E3 in-ear monitors, so I can also suggest using a lower impedance pair of earphones.

i was able to detect the constant clicking easily with my EP-630s when turning up to otherwise earsplitting volumes - but, as said before, could hear it at normal listening volumes on my HD280 pros.   

Now, if you arent able to hear it at the highest volumes, maybe it was a problem with my player.  If you record back your ipod in rockbox playing the RMAA file, normalize if needed, then check the spectral graph of the file, then it would answer that question.

Nevertheless, I returned my 5G.  I was bothered by the clicking in the rockbox firmware and the lousy apple firmware.  I still have my H140, but there is deep bass hum whenever the harddisk spins in the rockbox firmware (ill run RMAA tests and make a thread in the appropriate section later). 

Because of the sound noise problems I have found in both flavors of rockbox (both on my H140 and the Ipod 5G), and the fact that even some people (including at least 1 rockbox developer) seemed to think the X5 sounded fine when it was playing back with a 10khz lowpass filter make me a bit skeptical about rockbox audio quality claims...


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