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Archos Recorders and Player: TAC109's "Rockbox 2.5.1 build"

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Is this build still needed? It's extremely old and I would hope any problems it fixes are fixed by 3.6 :)

If nobody has a reason to keep it, then I'll delete it at some point.

This build should be kept around. A lot changed between the 2.5 release of Rockbox and 3.0 for the Archos devices, and this basically fixes a potentially harmful bug (the old charging algorithm) while allowing them to keep a relatively small Rockbox (which matters more for the older devices).

The fact that he persisted on naming it "2.5.1" is still somewhat frustrating, since it's not an official release and not even all the changes are in official builds I think, but other than that it could be considered a good upgrade path (or "end" of an upgrade path) for the Recorder/Player.

For what its worth I still think we should have forked the HWCODEC targets a long time ago, since we mostly just seem to be bloating the bin size on them now without actually improving them very much . . .


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