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I'm trying to build the tool chain for rockbox but having some trouble: gcc won't compile (binutils and gdb compiled just fine).  The failure occurs on embed-bb.c (the error output is long so I won't post it unless someone requests it).  I suspect the problem is that I recently upgraded my system to Fedora Core 3 which installed gcc version 3.4.2.  So I'm trying to build the gcc cross compiler for sh1 (version 3.3.4) with gcc version 3.4.2/intel.  Anyone know what my options are?  Dare I try a newer version of the cross compiler (and which one, if so)?



You could try the latest 3.4 version. The generated code will be somewhat larger, but it should work fine.

I hope you are aware that building the 3.3 compiler for the SH1 requires special steps (compiling it with newlib). It's all in the instructions on the docs page.

Good luck.

Hi Linus,

Thanks for the advice.  I'll give it a shot.

I do know about newlib, BTW.  I've been following the docs.


I got it working.  It turns out it was just a case of Stupid User Error.  I made the symlink for newlib in the wrong place: build dir instead of source dir.  doh!

Thanks again for your help Linus, even it was just Stupid User Error.   :-[


Nice to hear that you had it working. If you have an idea how to make the instruction more clear on this point, please tell me. Or have a go at it yourself, it's a wiki after all.


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