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installing firmware (dilemma)

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I have one doubt regarding firmware installation. In the download page there is only the windows installation that doesn't flash the Recorder but it just copies the software in the root.

Do I have to flash the recorder?I understand from the manual that it speeds up the boot of the device, but wich is the latest file for flashing the unit? I used the file form joerg.hohensohn home page ( the link is in the manual), but I don't really know if this is the correct procedure.

Can I leave just the .ajz (rockbox 2.4) file in the root, will this do EXACLTY the same thing of flashing the recorder? Except for the faster speed during booting wich is the point in flashing the unit?

Thanks a lot

Do the file-based install first and try everything out. It is perfectly harmless and you can easily delete all the files again if you want to revert.

So you suggest to reflash the original firmware and install rockbox (file-based)?

If I leave rockbox (old version) in flash and I install the file-based new version will do the same thing?



If you already flashed Rockbox, then re-flash the update.

Meaning, first play the "ajbrec.ajz" file in the root dir, then the .ucl file in the .rockbox directory. You may have to change the file view settings at the box to "see" them.



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