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How to reload original Archos firmware?


Hi, I'm new to the forum, but have already flashed my V2 with a version of Rockbox.  In reading the flash process, it claims you can reload the original firmware if you have done the backup in the first place.  Well, my V2 is having problems with the power input jack and the speaker jack.  I need to send the unit in for repair, but I want to reload the firmware back to the Archos first.

I reviewed the flash process and it says to rename the original file that was backed up to firmware_rec.bin, however since I have the v2, I figured it need to be renamed to firmware_v2.bin instead.  I did this and followed the directions to flash the unit running firmware_flash.rock.   Unfortunately, the program can't seem to recognize the renamed file.   

What I don't understand is that when I did the orignal backup, it created 2 files internal_rom_2000000-203FFFF.bin and internal_rom_0000-FFFF.  I renamed the 256k one(first one) but don't know what to do with the other.  I moved the renamed file to the root directory of the V2, but there are no instructions on what to do with the other file????

Can anyone help me with the process?  What did I do wrong???
Thanks, Hal

You did it correct. Maybe there is some subtle typo? For V2, you need to rename the 256KB file into "firmware_v2.bin", the one firmware_flash.rock is asking for. Move it to the top directory of the box. You don't need the 64KB file, this is your boot ROM content, which is never altered.
What does the plugin say, exactly?


The plugin simply said "file not found".  It occured to me this afternoon that maybe I needed to move the firmware_flash.rock program out of .rockbox and into the root directory before I run it.  I can't remember if I did that last time, but it may be looking in the directory it is in and not the root directory???  I will try it tomorrow.

Also make sure that you don't hide the extensions in your Windows settings. If you do, your renamed file might very well be named "firmware_v2.bin.bin" after you renamed it.

I'm pleased to report that LinusN had the correct answer in this case.  He was correct in that I had renamed the file with a bin.bin and therefore the loader program could not detect the file.  It was not necessary to move the loader program to the root directory.  The flash instructions should be updated to reflect that the 2nd backup file is not really needed for the re-loading of the original Archos software.   Others like myself may need to return their units and should probably flash back to the original files so Archos doesn't end up charging them $65 for a service fee!  Thanks everyone for their input.

p.s.  Anyone else had trouble with the jacks on the V2?  I never had a problem on my old 6000, but this V2 seems to have cheaper internals. 


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