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Help with recording needed


Dear Forum:

When recording with the internal mic of the jukebox 20 recorder i pick up mechanical noise from the hard drive on the recordings. Is this a common problem? Is there a way around it? What's the proper way to record with the jukebox?

Thanks for your help

This is common and normal and unavoidable with the internal mic.

People use external mics to avoid the noise.

Thanks for your reply.

Then how do I use an external mic with the jukebox recorder 20? I've tried with no success. I've plugged the external mic into the 'line in' and tried setting the source to 'mic' and also to 'line in' without the external mic working. When the source setting is mic the internal mic remains in effect. When the source is line in there is no sound being picked up. Is there something i'm missing here ???. What's the correct way to set up using an external mic?

Thanks again for your help



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