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cd C:\Rockbox
as long as that is where you put the Rockbox folder.

The instructions are pretty easy to follow from here:


Seriously, it's super easy, or get the script.  I'm not trying to be disrespectful but it'd be a waste of someone's time to basically just repeat all the steps from the wiki...just follow the steps EXACTLY as they're typed.  I suck terribly with command prompts and I got 'er done in one try, you can definitely do it.

If you can't follow the instructions on the wiki, which are in all honesty as simple as it gets, perhaps an alternate firmware isn't for you.

Not to be mean or anything, but if any issues come up, you're going to have to tinker with stuff, and it sounds like you don't quite get some basic stuff.

You could also use the batch file linked above, since it takes away your need to type anything at all.


I don't know how old you are, or what kind of computer experience you have, but if you have a friend or neighbor with any computer experiience at all, they should be able to help you.  It isn't that hard, but you need to undertand the terminology.

If you want to send it to me, I will be happy to install it for you, but you should learn.

Basically, you need all of the files referenced in the instructions to a directory (folder) on your C: drive named rockbox.  Then do everything in BOLD.

I done All Steps but get Error :(
Pls Help


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