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Archos Jukebox 6000 Charging problem


I have some trouble with the Jukebox. Since 2 Days the Jukebox doesn't charge the batteries anymore, that means when the batteries are low, I have to remove them and charge them with an external charger.

The Charging Cable is ok, is there a possible solution to Repair the "DC-IN" jack?


I've almost the same problem with my JB20.

The JB20 is off and when plugging in the charger no "charging battery" on the LCD comes up. When I turn on the player the battery sign indicates charging but actually they are drained.

I opened the player and the DC-jack seems to be ok ... I guess a fried MC34063. So I checked the pin 2 of the converter and there is no output; i.e. 0V.

Am I right with a fried M34063? Any other components which needs to be replaced also??

Greets GM

I am having the same problem with JBR20 - could I have ruined the charging system by using the wrong adapter in my car.  If I charge the batteries and put them in it still powers up.  Since using Rockbox this has become a great little player.  If I did ruin the charging system I'm interested in what parts need to be replaced.

Thanks for any help!


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