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Hello all,

On behalf of the Rockbox developers, I'm very pleased to announce that Rockbox 3.10 has just been released!

This release marks the tenth anniversary of the Rockbox project. We can trace the origins of the project back to the first mail, posted this very day exactly ten years ago.

Go here to download the installer (individual zips are also available):

Read up on the most noticeable changes in 3.10:

And above all, enjoy!


P.S. As usual it may take a little while for the download mirrors to catch up, so if you have any problems with the download, please give the builds a while to propagate first.

Happy Birthday and thank you!

For me it's been iPod Video -> Cowon X5L -> Android (Samsung SGP 5.0) -> Clip Zip

All still in use and Rockbox'ed!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!

congratulations :)
happy birthday !!!

Well... I've been using Rockbox for a year and a half, so I missed 8.5 years of great Rockboxing. Congratulations!

Thank you for this new release and happy birthday Rockbox ! I would have liked the birthday cake on the boot logo, though  ;D

Just a question, I don't understand these new functionnalities : the audio mixer and the lists "drawn using the skin engine" ... What possibilities do they give ?


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