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Rock Scrobbler - new utility to automatically scrobble tracks

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Rockscrobbler 0.5 released which fixes an issue when submitting more than 50 tracks

RockScrobbler v0.6 released.  This has a much improved login/logout screen which displays the user's avatar when logged in.  It also fixes the multiple balloon popup issue when scrobbling more than 50 tracks.

Rock Scrobbler v0.7 released which fixes an issue when scrobbling track or artist names containing a '+' character.  This version also allows you to display your avatar as the system tray icon.

hi there,
this tool is great!

any chance you could include syncing the playcount in the database to the last fm playcount?


You mean the database on the device?  I'm not sure I think that is a good idea.  If you listen to a track on another device (e.g. your computer), your play count will increase.  Why should that affect the play count on your rock box device?


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