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Rock Scrobbler - new utility to automatically scrobble tracks

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v0.10 is now out.  This is just upgrades the version of QT to v5.0.2

OK I'm using Rock Scrobbler for quite a while and it works great, but today I run into the problem as such:
.scrobbler file wasn't being deleted for some reason, I still don't know why, but well in result I've got from 2 to 10 copies of one scrobble until I've noticed it, huge job was to clear all this mess :(
Well it would be great if there would be prevention mechanism for situations as such, my first suggestion would be to display distinct warning/error message box about file not being deleted.

Edit: Btw the fact that .scrobbler.log isn't being deleted is your bug sadly. My player mounts it's own storage and SD card simultaneously so while scrobbling for player is being done m_currentScrobbleFile already becomes empty because of checking of it's existence on SD, so it finally ends up not being removed.

Thanks for the bug report.  This is now fixed in v0.12

Thank you for fixing it fast)

I can't start Rock Scrobbler. First, the problem was there were some missing dll files (msvcr100 i msvcp100), but when I downloaded them, the Scrobbler crashes with "The application was unable to start correctly" error message.


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