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i would just like to keep the playcounts syncronized over my devices ;-) my foobar installation for example syncronizes its playcount with lastFM like that. while it transmits the currently playing song to lastFM, it pulls the alltime playcount for that song from lastFM and updates it locally. just thought it might be a nice feature. that way if i happen to have to rebuild the library on my rockbox i wouldn't have to start all over with the playcounts.

Your program is very very nice, the only thing i'm a little concerned with is that it searches for .scrobbler.log in root directory but on my player (samsung yp-r0) rockbox lives in \.rockbox dir (i think it's not the only case here), so i would be glad if program did check automatically for .scrobbler.log in that dir too. Thank you in advance)

Rockbox is in ".rockbox", yes, but the .scrobbler.log file should be written to the root of the player, regardless.


--- Quote from: evilnick on June 30, 2012, 07:57:15 PM ---Rockbox is in ".rockbox", yes, but the .scrobbler.log file should be written to the root of the player, regardless.

--- End quote ---
Then i guess it's my player build problem and rockbox_log is written to the root, so i guess there is no actual problem to write something to the root.

In case you aren't following the BitBucket page, RockScrobbler is now up to v0.8.1, which uses a better installer, and fixes an issue with the timestamps of submitted tracks.

BTW, if anyone has any D-Bus experience and wants to help getting the Linux port running, please get in touch.


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