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Rock Scrobbler - new utility to automatically scrobble tracks

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I have just released a new open source utility called RockScrobbler.  It sits in your system tray and monitors for any new drives that are inserted.  If it finds a .scrobble.log on any inserted drive, it automatically submits the information to (using the new XML REST API).

You can download it, and the source code from here.  It is licensed under GPL v3.

It's Windows only at the moment, but I am planning on porting to Linux at some point.  It uses the QT tool kit so should be relatively easy to do.  I just neeed to re-implement the drive insertion notification part, which uses windows specific code at the moment.

If you spot any bugs or have any feature requests, please post them to the "Issues" page on the bitbucket site.

Can someone update this wiki page please?

Post Merge: November 22, 2011, 07:36:10 AMI see someone has updated the wiki, thanks.

However, most of the information in the grid is wrong.  Can someone please change it to the following...

License: GPL
Windows: Yes, all other platforms No
Web: No
Gui: Yes
Timeless Support: No
Protocol 1.2: No
Protocol 2.0: Yes
Version 1.1 Log: Yes
Multiple site submission: No idea what this is, so I'm guessing No.

I have found a problem with RockScrobbler when installed on machines without QT in the path.  This prevents the icon from displaying in the system tray.

I have released a new version which fixes this.

You will have to uninstall the previous version first because the original version was installed with the wrong version number.

This looks interesting!

I look forward to trying it out.


That looks interesting.

I don't use, but if you found the time and liked my suggestion, perhaps you could look to implementing this:

Rock Remover - (any name would do) An icon that appears in your tray and allows you to just click it to "safely remove the MP3 player". Yes, in Windows this is already there (but that's at least 2 clicks), but strangely enough, there's no super simple way to do this in Linux. I use a combo of gPodder and puddletag. After finishing with puddletag, I have to open a nautilus window and unmount the MP3 player (also two clicks). A one click icon would be so much quicker (morning rush) and it's appearance would also quickly show that the MP3 Player is connected.

You could just add this feature to your utility and allow the option to be switched off with a toggle. What do you think?

RockScrobbler v0.4 released.  This release fixes an issue (caused by the upgrade to QT 4.8.0) which prevented any tracks from being submitted  Angry

From now on, I will just only information about any new releases to this thread...,25454.0.html


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