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weeks ago i bought 2 sansa fuzes v2 for my parents!
on both i installed rockbox. everything works great! only thing...rockbox is super balked so it is quite complicated for them to use it. i explained them many time how it works but you maybe know that problem with elder people. it is quite hard for them to understand those things :)

the only thing i didnt change it to the original fw is, that my dad like it watching his old rock music videos on the fuze.
for rockbox its easy to convert videos in mp(e)g format, but for the original fw it was impossible until now. i tried quite everything and everytime f****** sansa says: unsupported mediafile.
the prog i use is AVS video converter. i tried others but this one allows me to crop 16:9 easily to 4:3 or everthing else between for not having a distorted picture. this is the reason for not using sansa media converter or others.
also used  winff in the past but the crop option is quite bad.

thank you for your help!

Have you ever tried AppGeeker WMV MP4 Converter?
Converts everything into everything. Customizable file size, quality or resolution, features to add chapters and subs, user friendly GUI, easy to handle while offering lots of options to the advanced user.

Considering Fabulan posted this question back in 2011, I doubt he will be reading this.

That said, if anyone still cares, there is a program called Video4Fuze on Google Code, which is meant to do exactly as the name says.


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