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Uninstal Gone Wrong!!! Help!!!

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lol... it probably wasnt the brightest idea... I was uninstalling because I was couldnt load the apple firmware, and then Itunes suddenly quit recognizing the ipod. I was going to reinstall the latest build 

I was really freakin out about 20 minutes ago, but now, it seems I am in the clear.

I really appreciate everyones help.  Hopefully I'll get her working again.

You never need to uninstall the bootloader.

If you delete rockbox.ipod, your ipod should from then on automatically go into the apple software, and work as it did before. It will still show rockbox briefly while turning on, but other than that you won't be in it.

To upgrade, you just need to unzip the newest and put the new rockbox.ipod and .rockbox folder on your player.

well I got rockbox back on, but I am still having the same trouble booting to the original firmware.

I hold the menu button and it says "loading original firmware" but then it resets and loads rockbox...

That's very strange. What sort of iPod are you using?

Im using a 5th gen 60gb video...


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