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Uninstal Gone Wrong!!! Help!!!

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Something went wrong...

I uninstalled Rockbox (which was working great) using the method described on here and now my 60gb 5th gen  ipod is in an endless cycle of booting up and reseting...

I tried to reinstall rockbox but the ipodpatcher doesnt recognize any of the numbers as an ipod. 

I have a service plan at best buy, but I have an invisible shield and would much rather fix this myself. I am leaving for spring break saturday and probably wouldnt get the invisible shield replacement in time.

If anyone has any ideas give me a shout. I can get my hands on a fresh ipod if i need to extract the firmware or something. 

Any and all help is appreciated.

I remember reading how to fix this on the ipod port section of rockbox. Go check that out.

What exactly did you do to uninstall rockbox?

Did you restore the original bootpartition.bin using ipod_fw, or did you just remove rockbox.ipod and the .rockbox folder?


I followed the directions there... I must have done something a little bit wrong when installing i guess?!?

I found the key combo to do a hard reset into disk mode (menu and action to reset then menu and play to enter disk mode)

Should I use the good ipod and remake the bootloader and everything?  How should I proceed?  I think its safe to say that the bootloader (or whatever) I currently have is corrupt.

Well, out of curiosity, why were you uninstalling it? I mean, you've just asked me how to reinstall it, so it seems odd that you *were* removing it.

Anyway, extract a clean bootpartition.bin from the working iPod, since you've got one at hand.

Then, if you don't want rockbox, use ipodpatcher -w N bootpartition.bin where N is the right number for the drive. If you do want rockbox, just use the clean bootpartition.bin to create a bootloader, and install it like normal.


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