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Solved: Uninstall Rockbox from Ipod


I don't mean to upset anybody, but...

How do I uninstall Rockbox and the bootloader?  ???

At the moment the Rockbox doesn't do much for me on my 5G Ipod and I would like to go back to the original state...

I couldn't find any instructions on the Rockbox site on how to remove Rockbox (bootloader) from the Ipod.

Thanks for your help.

I found the answer myself...  ::)

In the Installation instructions on

it says:

"Uninstallation and Upgrade instructions

To uninstall the Rockbox bootloader, you can type the following command to restore your iPod to its original state:

ipodpatcher -w N bootpartition.bin

where "N" is the disk number of your iPod (found using the instructions in Step 1b below) and "bootpartition.bin" is a file containing the original contents of your iPod's firmware/boot partition. This file is created in Step 1c below. "

I tried it and it works fine.

Can anybody tell me :

What if you DO NOT use this (the proper) nethod to uninstall rockbox?

what if u just run the Apple Updater Restore program... is that just the same? ( i know it will wipe your songs etc)....

Yeah, if you use the apple restore method you do lose your songs, but there's no other risk or negative thing with it.

The "proper" method is just the method that doesn't affect any other files stored on your ipod.

Actually, you can use iPod Wizard to trick your iPod to think its 1.0, then update your iPod to 1.1 again. I did that, and i had to re-write the bootloader to my iPod. So it will uninstall without deleting your songs :)


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