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iPod Video 5G: Getting iPodLinux/Rockbox using Rockbox style installation?


Well, I've been keeping up to date on Rockbox and iPodLinux progress and as of now, Windows installation of iPodLinux is near impossible. Therefore, I have some questions...

1) Is it possible to use Rockbox installation materials to install iPodLinux on a 5G using the command prompting and all that?

2) Has anyone here got iPL on their 5G at all?

If you look at the ipl wiki there are screenshots of it running although there are still some LCD issues that need to be sorted out.

Also to answer your question, I don't think thats possible as they use different bootloaders.

No, it is possible. The rockbox bootloader can load iPodLinux.

Simply rename the kernel .bin file to linux.bin, put it in your fat32 partition, and create an ext2 or ext3 partition as your third partition with the linux userland in it.

Then, when you boot if you hold Play, it'll load Linux 'stead of Rockbox.

Ok. Thanks guys, I'm still trying to piece this all together to come up with a nice Windows installation method, but it seems people are having lots of trouble using Windows to create those partitions...

Again thanks!


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