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Removing rockbox without leaving any trace?

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sure, let me read out for you what was written earlier in this thread:

- flash it with official firmware
- delete anything rockbox related (rockbox.iriver, .rockbox directory, games directory (if you have it), recordings directory (if you have it),...
- if the music can't be played with std firmware (ogg, flac, ...), maybe remove them too
- or just combine the last two steps and just format the disk

My apologies - I though the "if you just" from the first reply was in reference to whatever method was used to install Rockbox in the first place, rather than how to remove it.

I have reflashed the bios - although bizarrely, the latest firmware available on iriver's site is of a lower revision to the firmware I had on it previously. Odd. Oh well, never mind, back to iRiver it goes!

Unless anyone has any suggestions on how i might fix it?


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