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Removing rockbox without leaving any trace?

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I was wondering, is it possible to go back to the origional firmware, without leaving any trace of Rockbox ever being on it?

Not that im planing to remove is, but sometimes the ear phones dont really work. then i only get sound from 1 side.  but isnt not that the ear phones are broken, couse i also tryed with others, and they have the same.

now its not that bad jet, when i move the end (the part thats in the iriver) around a bit inside the iriver it works again.
But, when it gets worse, i want to let is get fixed. and, i have to fully remove rockbox then, else they will blame rockbox, and i have to pay for the repair myself...

Gr.  Ron

If you just firmware upgrade with a non-patched .hex, then reformat your HD (though removing the .rockbox folder and the rockbox.iriver file should be enough) there won't be any obvious traces.

If they were to go *far* out of their way, of course they could probably reconstruct that you had it on your HD, but that's not the kind of steps they'd bother to take unless they're exceedingly obsessive.

So yeah, if you do that, it'll look to most casual and less-than-casual observations like you never had it on there.

I do not think that iriver will examine the disk very thoroughly but if you want to be completely sure read below.

Run for example Eraser ( after deleting the rockbox files. Format will not delete the file content from the disk.

...And there is also the configuration sector of Rockbox. I am not sure whether the Eraser will clean it or not. You can check it with some disk editor. IIRC it is the last sector in the first track.

you might also try this:
if you feel like fixing it yourself. I have a similar problem, which i have been too lazy to rectify...

Hi just bumping this thread as I am in a similar quandry - it appears that the battery has malfunctioned on my H120 - it only works plugged in to the charger, and gets dangerously hot when plugged in, and if the charger is disconnected it stays working until you try to do something, like play a track, in which case the hard drive appears to keep getting stuck and eventually switches off. Also, it only turns on if plugged into the charger, and the reset button is pressed.

Now I guess I have two options:

- Attempt to replace the battery myself (assuming this is the likely cause)
- Send it back to iriver to get it fixed.

Unfortunately, as I have Rockbox installed on my iriver, this invalidates the warranty. The examples for removing rockbox quoted above seem to not be entirely complete (i.e. a few "if"s) so can anyone advise further? Is there a documented way to restore an iriver to a clear, original state?


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